Trusting in Human Strength (2 Chronicles 16:1-10)


Hanan the seer’s charge against King Asa of Judah (6:7) is intriguing. Asa regarded the king of Aram as an ally, giving him the treasures of the Temple and palace so he would attack Baasha, king of Israel. However, the prophet Hanani saw in Aram a human foe who would be a nemesis to the kingdom of Judah. Previous battles demonstrate that God was the only ally Asa actually had. Asa’s reliance on the king of Aram revealed a much deeper spiritual problem. Asa forgot that “the eyes of the lORD search the whole earth” (16:9; see also. Zech 4:10). So. when Hanani confronted Asa with the error of his ways, Asa summarily threw the prophet into confinement and the angry king arbitrarily inflicted cruelties on the people.  

 Asa provides  sad example of the human propensity to rely on their own tangible resources (see Proverbs 11:7; Isa 31:1; Jer 17:5-6) and to become angry when corrected. Even those who expe­rience the power of the Lord in a very tangible fashion often have this leaning (2 Chronicles 16:8). It is much better to rely on the Lord and welcome his direction (cp. Ps 33:18; 37:7; Isa 50:10; Jer 17:7-8;Acts 13:43). life is a long lesson in trusting God; we might begin by doing what is good and right (2 Chronicles 14: 1), but our legacy is not settled until the last deed is done (see also Rom 2:6-11; 1 Corinthians  4:1-5). Faithfulness to the kingdom of God must not be compromised by personal ambitions.

Prayer Points

We are thanking God for being our refuge, our salvation and the Lord we can run to›We are thanking God for a day like this. Bringing all people together in prayer to seek His face

We are praying that God should forgive us all our sins. He should not reject us in our prayers in the name of Jesus

We are praying that the Holy Spirit should direct us in our prayers and ways from hence till our deeds are done on this earth

We are putting our trust in the Lord who cause times and seasons.

We are praying that He will make this time and season to work for our good. In the name of Jesus

We are praying for a rapid resue from the Lord as we have humbled ourselves in Prayers. We are asking God to seize every pandemic and the plots of the enemy

We are Praying with confidence and declare that we will see the glory of the Lord this day in the name of Jesus

We are praying that the Lord should give us a new sense of understanding and write his laws on our hearts so that we may remember them every time. Amen!

Raise some songs of praise to thank God for His goodness, answering our prayers by healing our lands and restoring us for good

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